Holistic Providers

Christy LeCuyer

Owner – Yoga Studio 8

5 Boulder Rock Road
Palm Coast, FL. 32137

YogaStudio8 is a safe haven in the heart of Palm Coast Florida dedicated to the path of love, acceptance, gratitude, growth, healing and laughter. Our studio passionately cares about your health and the environment. We are the only yoga studio in the area to offer you an eco-friendly, all natural environment with cork flooring and green products. Our sole purpose at YogaStudio8 is to inspire, empower and transcend each individual. Being inspired is about a constant process of being in direct alignment with your true potential and seeking inward. Practicing the art of seeking inward will empower you to bring awareness to your individuality resulting in a n uplifting balance of acceptance and fulfillment. Discovering your true potential encourages you to transcend into a place of authenticity. Christy LeCuyer and her team are about dedicating our time to bringing you the best possible experience and leaving you with a  feeling of love and acceptance as you grow in the grace of your practice through life.
Driven by my passion for Yoga, I became a RYT-200 Yoga Alliance Certified teacher having studied under Mark White, Master Baptiste Teacher trainer, of MBody Yoga. I also trained through my inspirations Sean Corne (Off the mat into the World foundation) and Bryan Kest. Through my training, I began to personally realize something that became very important to my practice. Yoga is not about the posture, the sanskrit, or becoming fit. Yoga is about the strive to look within at our true potential and realize that we have a God given purpose in this life that has been gifted to us as individuals. Yoga now has become a necessary tool in my daily life to become aware of this purpose and to also, in my process, shine a light to those who are searching to enlighten themselves as well. There is a sense of unity that forms as you delve deeper into your practice. Judgment starts to dissipate and acceptance becomes a greater part of the journey. As we look within long enough, we begin to also see outside of ourselves which has led me to ask, "How can I, through this practice of yoga, begin to change the world."

At YogaStudio8 we offer many workshops and events to uplift the community such as Shakti Tribe...

Shakti Tribe "The Embodiment" women's circle provides a safe place for the art of expression. To find your truth is a powerful discovery. To live your truth is pure empowerment!
We all are on a path of personally seeking our purpose, which starts with living our truth. Having the courage and the bravery to live authentically without feeling as though we will be judges, discarded or unaccepted is a difficult path to walk alone. 
Let your journey begin here and be the inspiration for spiritual growth. Your enlightenment will empower and inspire other women to break free of their strong holds and provide spiritual healing. Gain confidence in yourself that you are not alone on your personal journey and be prepared to be received just as you are... daring to be yourself and only yourself. Be heard, recognize your magnificence, and self-exploration!